February 2023

This is the documentation of the 2nd pilot practice of CARNIVAL series.

Producer/Director of Research: Yifan Gong

Documentation Operator: Xin Wei, Yifan Gong

Participants: Yifan Gong, Yuan Liu and Chenli Wu.

CARNIVAL Pilot 2 Concentrated Edition

Participant 1: Yifan Gong

Yifan Gong’s 5-layer solo master cam:

Yifan Gong’s 5-layer solo side cam:

CARNIVAL x DoII: Master Shot

CARNIVAL x DoII side cam

Yifan's Instant Notation

Participant 2: Yuan Liu

Yuan Liu’s 5-layer solo master cam:

Yuan Liu’s 5-layer solo side cam:

Drawing details after Yuan Liu's performance

Participant 3: Chenli Wu

Chenli Wu's 5-layer solo master cam:

Chenli Wu's 5-layer solo side cam:

Drawing details after Chenli Wu's performance

CP2 Special Take: Yifan Gong and Chenli Wu Duet

Master cam:

Side cam:

Final Drawing Presentation