"Untitled" Series (2019): Staged Phtography That Tells a Story

December 2019

Untitled, Main Work

30” x 44”, 2019, digital full-frame, digital print

Untitled, Main Work

Untitled, Additional works, 8” x 11”, 2019, digital full-frame, digital print

Untitled, Additional works, 8” x 11” 1

Untitled, Additional works, 8” x 11” 2

Artist Statement

I always feel like I am of multiple personality. Maybe it is because I am an actor? In my imagination, there are so many “myselfs” playing different roles with different personality in various dimensions. I am either calm or crazy, either concentrated or disordered, either brave or scared, either cold or warm. I am always questioning, in some dimensions, I must have killed someone, and someone must have killed me. But who killed me, I killed whom? To be or not to be, it’s really a question. However, in this world I feel genuinely being alive, I have a strong belief in Ernest Hemingway’s most famous quote “A man can be destroyed but not defeated.” I believe the only one who can defeat me is just me myself.

This photography depicts an extended story behind those images I did for project 2 Still Life. You are wondering who is the “murderer” in my project 2, now I have the answer to show you. That is me. I was “trying to kill myself” in different situations in various dimensions, and I did enjoy the exciting adventurous process.

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